New airtel Highspeed 3G Free Internet Proxy working in all major states-August-September 2015

No handler required and works well with 2g and 3g.It can be used in Default browser or with Opera Mobile.

Airtel Free 3G Internet High Speed Proxy September 2014

Configuration OF Airtel Highspeed Proxy August-September 2015

 Airtel Free highspeed internet proxy August-September 2015 can be used with mobile or PC.Just follow the steps below


 This Airtel Highspeed Proxy works with Symbian,Android and more mobile devices.


1.Go to Settings

2.Then Go To Network Settings,In android More>network settings

3.Create a new access point with the following configuration.

Proxy: or
Port: 80

4.Leave all other fields and save the setting.For android select the newly created setting as default.

5.Open your default browser and enter the site address as the free airtel homepage such as:

6.Now the free site opens and enter your address in the address bar provided at the site.

All Set.! now you can use free internet on your mobile.


You can use mozilla Firefox for this trick for highspeed access.

1.Click Options

2.Go To Advanced>Network

3.Click Manual Proxy Configuration and enter the above proxy in that tab.

4.Check Use This Proxy Servers for all other protocols.

5.Click Ok.

6.Now go to the above mentioned address and surf the internet by entering your address in that site.

All Done! Now you can use airtel free internet on Pc or Mobile.
Comment if the trick is not working.

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