Ludo is an all time classic board game which originated from India.Ludo Star is a classic ludo game for the digital era.LudoStar is more fun because it can be played among your friends and compete with them

The Ludo Star game can be played on your PC on windows 8,8.1,10 with or without bluestacks.

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Ludo Star

 Ludo Star is the classic board game with multiplayer feature which enables us to play this game with friends.The game can be played with 4 friends simultaneously.

ludo star 2ludo star 1

The game can also be played with two players or in a single player mode against the computer.You can login with facebook and play with facebook friends.One of the coolest feature of Ludo star is that you can send emoji to to other players during the game.

Features(as in Google Play)
  •  Login with Facebook and invite friends to play with you
  •  Play with random player in 2 or 4 player matches
  •  Play different variations: Classic, Master or Quick
  •  Play with your favourite rules like : Doubling of pieces, kill 1 before entering home etc.
  •  Download for Free!
  •  Applicable to Any Ages!
  •  Chat and send emoticons to other players while you play.Bing your friends while you play.
  •  Feels like 3d Ludo with 3d dice

Download Ludo Star Game For PC[windows 7,8,8.1,10,MAC] for Free

If you want to play this game without bluestacks,Check here:Play Android Games without Bluestacks

1.First,you have to install bluestacks on your pc.If you already have it,ignore this step.Check Here to download and install bluestacks

2.Now go to play store in bluestacks and search for Ludo Star: 2017(new).

3.Now click on Install and the game will be downloaded and installed.

4.You can also install the game by downloading this Ludo Star apk File and opening it in bluestacks.

5.Now Ludo Star is downloaded and installed on your pc. 

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