Online gaming has been transformed into a better version of all the fun and tactics.Leaving the snakes & ladders aside, the new age generation has witnessed an evolution of feature loaded games in recent times. Mystery, action, horror, sci-fi are some of the most popular genres of PC & Xbox games.
PES 2018

After the huge success of PES 2017, this year has welcomed the successor upgrade to PES 2018. PES is a soccer game which strongly challenged the popularity of FIFA in 2015 & 2016. It is, now, one of the top sports genre games which is played across the world. Obviously, with every forward step, the innovations take a new picture. Taking a part, if you wish to keep your child away from the action and other games, this might be your pick as this game comes as a competitive scroller for all.

All About the PES 2018 Game:

Released in September 2017, PES 2018 is subject to be accessible on PS4, Xbox One and PC. This game has, yet again, managed to gain a lot of fans but there are some negatives that hinder the real experience. The 2018 version has a set-back as it offers comparatively smaller steps than the leaps made in the 2017 version gameplay. Hence, certain aspects require a lot of fixing when it comes to the smoothness of a football play but the game has ardently tried to satisfy its true fans.

Depth effects:

The game is built with enhanced depth effects, improved on-pitch actions etc. The master league mode has also been justified with some more definitions being added to the overall experience. PES 2018 picturize silk like movements of the ball throughout the matches. Slight actions give it a sense of
actuality and realism which keeps the audience excited. Football enthusiasts might go all pumped up as Neymar effortlessly moves the ball from his chest to down wing and humps for the goal or when defenders are seen jostling on the pitch.

Better animations and Ball measures:

This version of PES shows a lot more clarity in the measures of the ball. The way the ball moves, flights and bounces are so clear that each and every action gets captured with perfection. Not just this, but the way Konami has devised the animations feels so easy to look at but is
definitely a complex task.

Even the defenses are engaging:

PES 2018 might be the first game which makes both defending and scoring fun to do as it is apparently balanced between both sides. From timing to formation and tactics, the actions are incurred with extremely challenging forces.

Master league developed and Real Touch introduced: the master league in the PES game has undergone a change as well. Many tournaments, interviews have been added to encourage and satisfy the players. The Real Touch features from 2017 version has gone under development into Real Touch + which has cast the
players with better initial touch of the ball, modified positioning and tactics to save the ball. Moreover, from little hand movements to super shots of goals, the Real Touch + features take the game fluidity to another level.

What remains below average?

Although there have been major improvements as far as the functioning is concerned but there are some aspects which are left broken. The effective functions of the Goalkeepers have been set aside as they make poor shots in the match. Barcelona team players look for enticing but the players from rest of the team seems so dull and poorly animated. Besides this, the game takes more than enough time to load, 8-10 minutes to be specific. The background music and commentary are definitely something which requires improvement as same dialogues get repeated every now and then.

In a Nutshell, the gameplay and strategy are unbeatable but the little functioning demand prominent improvement. Overall, PES 2018 is a better version in some aspects but is still incomplete. Major critics have rated the game with 3 stars out of 5 with regards to the improved animations, ball physics, player movements and
other factors. Of course there are some glitches but that are completely overshadowed by the better qualities all together.

What are the PC requirements for the PES 2018 Game?

As mentioned above, this game is accessible on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. According to what is recommended by the developers of the game, the PC requires-
  • Minimum 8GB RAM which will keep it away from hanging and freezing
  • A CPU consisting of Intel Core i7-3770 (3.40GHz)
  • Then, the GPU must be equipped with 2GB VRAM, NVIDIA GTX 660
    The DX version 11 is best suited to have a larger than life experience
  •  Windows 7 SPI is the required operating system for the gameplay to be fluid.
  • Minimum 30 GB storage space is needed in order to keep the tactics appropriated
  •  The screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 gives the best ever animation quality
  •  ODD should be 8 x DVD-ROM Drive
Whereas, there is set of minimum requirements set for the PES 2018 which will also work accordingly for the players-
  •  Intel core i5-3450 processor with 3.10GHz for the CPU
  •  Minimum 8GB RAM is required in this set too
  •  GPU with 2GB VRAM, NVIDIA and GTX 650
  • DX version 11 and operating system with Windows 7 SP1/8.1/10- 64bit
  •  Here also, the player requires 30GB storage space to run the game properly.
  •  Monitor resolution of 1280 x 720 would be enough to have a better
  • experience.
  •  4 x DVD-ROM Drive is a necessity as per the minimum requirements for PES 2018 to run.

What is the price of the game and from where to get it?
PES 2018 falls in the category of premium games which is released as an upgradation of PES 2017 in September 2017. This game is available for Rs.3920/- online. The interested users can get the game from Amazon or other online stores that provide gaming. Moreover, if you wish to get it on discounted prices, you can avail Tata Cliq offers today to get benefiting discounts & cashbacks on your net purchases.
What comes as an overall set-back is that the PES 2018 version might be lacking in the leaps which were bigger in the 2017 version. But, if it is about the overall gameplay, visuals and animations 2018 comes has a plus points for the ardent fans.

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