Android is all about apps.There are many apps to enhance the Usage and features of android.But the best thing is internet browsers.Most of the android now has CHROME as their default browsers and some old and new has custom browsers based on the COMPANY that manufacture it eg:Samsung,sony....etc.
Now here are the TOP 5 ANDROID BROWSERS ALTERNATIVE TO DEFAULT BROWSER.These can enhance and improve your browser experience on android
Top 5 fast android browsers alternative to default browser



  This is the best of browsers in ANDROID as it is developed by google.It has full support to HTML 5 in recent versions.Perfect view on pages with support for Desktop View.
chrome computer kirumi home page

Best features like Bookmarks,history...etc sync.We can sync our info with chrome and experience a High speed browsing with Cool interface.
We can slide through tabs just by swiping from one page to another.
It also supports motion sensor while seeing the opened tabs


  This is the Best and Best browser perfectly suited for mobile browsing experience.
opera mini start page
This is a child version of OPERA for mobiles.But opera mini is faster than the parent version.It has all the major features as any other browser with an unmatching browsing speed.
It reduces the loading speed of a website to a greater extent so that we can view it fast.The reason for the speed is it does not support scripts and animations(GIF Images).So it is best suited for mobile browsing and highspeed download.I personally like this.Top features include tabs,history,cookies,bookmarks....etc......

opera mini feed home
it also has feed updates of all websites that you use


  After the most successful browser in PC,here comes the mobile version which is no low to the Desktop version.It just matches the features of CHROME on Android.
firefox computer kirumi

Both chrome and firefox have same features except for User Interface and great page speed and also the page zoom.
firefox tab view

It has good design which is better than the simple design of Chrome.It has best responsive adaptation to websites.


 Dolphin is not new to the mobile browsing.It is available even on the early stages of Android.It also has many cool features.
dolphin computer kirumi home page

The most important feature is SONAR.This feature allows you to search,connect with friends.
It has the feature to enter address by speaking instead of typing it.This feature makes it more cool
dolphin social share

The notable feature is that it has cool and more add on support.There are more than 60 add on which no other mobile browser has.It also has cool and attractive design and user interface.


  This browser as already said is a parent to OPERA MINI.It also has good page loading speed and it has cool feed feature.You can view latest feeds and post from websites and social networks in the Home page.
opera feeds page

It supports all scripts unlike opera mini.It has full support to animation and other normal web features.It has an option for Desktop View.It has all the features as opera mini and other advanced mobile experience rich features.

opera computer kirumi
This can effectively replace default browser.This mostly resembles the OPERA desktop with opera turbo.


The most important about mobile browsing is that you use it for short and simple uses.Don't use the browsers for heavy purposes which will increase the battery consumption and the increase usage of RAM.It is also advised to Use good internet pack or WIFI(recommended).


All the above browsing apps are free and are available at PLAYSTORE for download.Links not provided.Comment if you want.

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