Facebook is the most popular social network which is mostly used for chatting.With the release of Facebook messenger app,More ANDROID and IOS users got into it.They use it for texting.Now We can MAKE FREE INTERNATIONAL CALLS USING FACEBOOK MESSENGER APP.This can be done in ANDROID AND IOS.


How To make free International Using Facebook Messenger
Most of the people use Skype,viber for their online calls.Now they can easily shift to facebook.The basic requirement is Facebook messenger app version 4.0+.Facebook uses VOIP and we must have good internet connection-WIFI is recommended as it reduces the heat generation of the phone.
The most amazing part is that the person who receives can attend the call without installing FB messenger app.We can call to US/Canada users.


1.Download and install facebook messenger app

2.TO call a person you must have a conversation with that person.So simply start the chat and click on contact info button
start chat and click contact
3.Now you can see Free call button on the screen.
free call
For some person you cannot call.The reason for this must be no phone number of that person on facebook or some other.
no free call

4.After that you will be connected.

call connected

Now you can talk to the person you wanted free of cost.ISD calling rates are so high and you can use this method to call provided you have an internet connection.

NOTE: If you want to receive the call,just enable the PUSH  NOTIFICATIONS.

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