Everyone know about torrents.It is the big method of downloading pirated and large files and media.The problem is that torrent requires special torrent client downloader like utorrent,bittorrent etc. to download the files from torrent server.
torrent to direct link

People use some torrent to direct link converter to convert and move the files to a cloud server and then download the file from that server using IDM or any other downloader.


 Myfastfile is such a torrent to direct link coverter which offers more speed and great quality.Although there are many other converter like zbigz,this can be effectively used as an alternative as zbigz is more useful in premium only.

Myfastfile offers great speed and good conversion speed.Many sites take a lot of time to convert the torrent link to download link.

Some Features of Myfastfile

  • 1TB monthly download limit
  • No need of VPN
  • 10 torrents can be converted at same time
  • one free torrent daily
  • More...
Myfastfile work

Myfastfile works by a great mechanism to convert the links.It splits the torrent into different portions and the link is converted from various servers across the world and finally a appended compelete direct download link is obtained.

Final Words

 Today many people are using torrent and they use direct link converter to cache the download link.But many converters take long time and some are inefficient.Myfastfile is the best torrent to direct link converter which offers great features and functions.Already lots of people are benefited with their service and more than 250TB size of torrents are cached.So go for it and make use of it. 

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