Copy and paste the below code and see the magic.You will be seeing these types of posts on Facebook Now and then .When you copy and paste the code by removing some symbols then the code magically turns into text.So How This Facebook Magic Code/Script Works? Keep Reading.
Below I Listed Some Of The Codes Have Fun:

    Copy any one of the codes.
    Paste them in your Facebook Status or comments.
    Then remove the "+" sign then Press Enter.

    @+[172417706184835:0]         -   ‎Yeh dosti hum nahi todenge
    @+[291116797575161:0]         -   ♥ ♥ FriendS r EvErYtHiNg♥ ♥
    @+[125710659238:0]               -   ~♥FRIENDS FOREVER♥~
    {@+[130183157042112:0]}     -    {EVER Green Friendship}
    @+[145480518867077:0]         -    I Still Love
    @+[117111614980889:page]    -    VERY FUNNY
    @+[134282353283788:0]         -    Life is too short smile while you still have teeth
    @+[276318582393095:0]         -    Chess mania
    @+[212241382167347:0]         -    Computer hacking (dhrumil shah)

How This Magical Code Works?
1.Copy the below code


2.Go to your or your friends profile and check the address bar ,you will find url as below

3.Now replace the number given in the code with this id and follow the same procedure .
4.You will get the name of the profile,page or group from which  you got the ID.
What If The Person  has Username?
    Go To Friends Profile And Right Click On Report/Block Then Copy Link Address Then Copy Number After cid=100001433915823 In Link Address.

    Go To Your Profile Right Click On Your Profile Photo then click on copy image url .It will be similar to below url


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