Try this at your Own Risk 


1.Back track 5 Arm architecture which can be downloaded from the official website of the BackTrack

2.A smartphone/tablet which needs to be rooted since it requires root permission to run certain scripts.

3.Following Android Apps:

  • BUSYBOX : It acts like a installer and needs root permission to has gpu cores and can run linux kernals on android .

  • Superuser: This app just grants a superuser power to your phone just like “su” does for linux.

  •  Terminal Emulator is app that runs a terminal console in android .

  • AndroidVNC is a tool for viewing VNC in Android


1.Extract the backtrack folder “BT5-GNOME-ARM”
to folder named “BT5” on the root of sd.That’s the top level of the SD card. 

2.Open up the Terminal Emulator

3.Type the command “cd sdcard/BT5”

4.Run this command and you will see root@localhost.sush bootbt

5. Now lets run Backtrack GUI with VNC viewer

6. Open android vnc
Nickname : BT5
Password : toortoor
Address :
Port : 5901

7.Click the connect Button and Boom here is your Pentest machine 

If you find any problem dont forget to comment.

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