Now, You can Convert all you Small Size Storage Device e.g Memory Card, Flash Drive of any Size to 4GB Using a Simple Application. 

Just Follow the Below Steps accordingly & I bet you will enjoy this Tutorial to the Fullest .

Stpes :-

1. Download the Stick Increaser Software and Extract the zip file .

2. Now after Unzipping, Insert your Memory Card to your PC using Card Reader or Plug in your Flash to your USB Port .

3. Open the Stick Increaser Folder and Locate the File "Stick Increaser.exe",

Just Double click on it to Run it.

4. Leave it Open, Then Go to My Computer >> Right Click on your Memory Card or Flash Drive >> Properties >> Give it or change the Existing Name to a Short Name and Ok it.

5. Now, Go back to the Stick Increaser Software and Type the Name you Give to your Memory Card or Flash Drive, Press Enter.

6. Now, You will be Ask to Put the Drive Letter, Go back to your My Computer, You should see it like this (G:) or (H:) or anything, If its (G:), Just Type G in the Stick Increser and Press Enter, It will ask you to Enter it Again, Do just that and Press Enter Again.

7. it shows some text in red color it has worked, Your Memory Card or Flash Drive should be 3.99GB now.

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