Links play an important role in the traffic and ranking of a blog.The Page rank is predicted with the backlinks as key factor.To rank high in search engines,you have to get a Do-follow link from a blog which has good PR and alexa rank.Getting links from a high authority sites like .edu, .gov will boost up your rankings to great extent.Here are the EASY AND BEST WAYS TO BUILD MORE LINKS.Make sure that you don't spam any blogs for the links.You can get backlinks by genuine methods


  Just follow the steps and be patient.

Some links take time to get added to the list.Make the links genuine and from high PR and High rank sites/blogs.


  This is with no doubt the best way ever to get a link.This is also a easy method.Just go to the site/blog from where you want backlink and comment on the post relevantly.Don't comment in single word or just like "good post" etc.Post some review about the post with your site link.You can use HTML tags in most of the comments.
 TO get good links,just comment on COMMENTLUV blogs.Whenever you comment on these blogs,they automatically post the link of your last published post with that comment.This serves good for your post too.You can use this tool which was in ALLTECHBUZZ to search for various blogs for link building


   There are many active forums in the internet.Most of the forums are specific in a certain topic.For eg: WARRIOR FORUM is concerned with blogging,seo etc.You can make use of these forums to get links.Just sign up and add your site to your profile.
  Best to get is to be active on these forums.Answer the doubts and questions of other members because whenever you post,a signature will also be posted.Make sure you give your site/Blog address as signature.SO whenever you reply or post,you get a backlink and targeted traffic.Dont spam these forum or else you will be banned and you will lose the trust of other members.


 These directories not just give backlink,but also a good traffic.There are many article submission directories like Reddit which boost up your traffic to a large amount.Go to these sites and get yourself registered.Don't just submit only your articles.Submit good post from other blogs to get a good impression from others.
Now you can submit the link of your article with good and attractive description and tag.This will provide you a good backlink and whenever you submit an article ,the link count from the same site increases.


   Blog submission directories are just like article submission directories where you can submit your blog address to get listed in their sites.Beware that many blog directories demand reciprocal links.It is nothing but to get your blog listed,you have to provide a link to the directory.My personal opinion is to avoid these directory.Try other directories and submit only the homepage of your blog.


 This method gives you backlink when you post on other's blogs.This method is not a easy method as it requires you to post completely on theirs and it must get approved by them.If your post gets published,your profile will be displayed in a author box with a Do-follow backlink to your blog and getting targeted traffic.Choose high PR and alexa blogs to post as a single link from high PR blogs have more impact in rankings.To guest post on your blog,contact us by the contact form in the bottom of the site


Creating and releasing blogger template with your blog's address in the credits at the footer will have more impact.You have to know template editing which you can learn easily as you work more with blogger.SO,you can also edit the templates and release with share credits.
 Whenever a person installs that theme,you will get a backlink when the link is not removed.If the credits is removed,you will lose the link.You can learn ways to encode links so that it cannot be removed.There are many methods of encoding.One example that is use by most of the templates sites is when you remove the credit link,your blog will automatically redirect to blog that is encoded. 


 All the link making strategies work good if you don't spam.All you have to do is a good Hard work to get backlinks which will boost up your alexa,PR and traffic.

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