Targeted traffic are the visitors coming for a particular search from search engines.They land on your site,if your page ranks well on GOOGLE or other search engines.Mostly people will visit the first page sites of google.To get your site ranked,you have to do keyword research on the searched words.Here is the Guide on HOW TO DO KEYWORD RESEARCH AND GET TARGETED TRAFFIC.By finding the keyword and using them in your blog,you will definitely get traffic.


 First you have to decide your post you are going to post and you have to make the post long as more than 500 words.


The tool that most of the bloggers and webmasters use is Google Adsense keyword planner.This is a free tool.TO use this,you must login in to your Google account.Goto this link to visit Keyword planner.
This tool is of great importance as it shows the competition and the average searches of a keyword.Now it shows with graphs.


 Now in the keyword planner tool page,select "search for new keyword and ad group ideas". Now enter your search term or keyword in the first box("Your product or service") and leave all the boxes.For example if you want to search for the keyword "Get website traffic",type it in that box and click Get ideas

Now you will get the results.Click on the Keyword ideas.Now you will see the average monthly searches and the competition of the keyword like below.

This keyword has high competition,so don't use them.If your blog has good rankings and links then you can use this.
Now search for the keyword with some changes like "Get traffic to your website". 

As you can see above the competition for the keyword is low and you can use this keyword in your post to get good rankings.


 After selecting the right keyword,you have to do a small analysis on the keyword.We have to check the rankings of websites based on that keyword.
Go to google and search for your keyword.Here for example "
Get traffic to your website".

Install alexa toolbar and see the website alexa ranks for the top sites.If the alexa rank of these sites is low,don't use them.Place some words in between like "how to get massive traffic to website".

Now you can see,the top sites have high alexa rank,so your post will get place in the first page of the google search.In this way you can rank well for long keywords with more good keywords. 

How To Use Keywords In your Posts

 After getting your right keywords,you have to implement them in your posts.The best place that one can implement keyword is the POST TITLE.Make sure you use your keywords in 
 1.Post Title
 2.Heading tags(h1,h2,h3,h4)
 3.Post Permalink
 4.Image name and alt title
 5.First and last paragraph of your post
 6.Highlight your keyword in posts by making them Bold,underlining
 7.Search Description
All set,Now your post is optimized with keywords.If you chose your keyword wisely and use them well,your blog will definitely rank well in google search.Try some link building techniques which will boost your ranking.
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 Now your blog will get more targeted traffic based on the keyword used.People searching for your keyword will visit your blog and if they like the post they become your loyal daily visitors which will increase your traffic.
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Using keywords is a part of SEO.I hope this guide-HOW TO DO KEYWORD RESEARCH AND GET TARGETED TRAFFIC helps you to get a clear idea of using keywords.
You can use some offline promotion and other ways to get traffic.
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