As of today's trends,strategy games are the Hits among all other games especially in mobile gaming as we already said.With the advent of CLASH OF CLANS,a lot of gamers evolved and good online competition was there.Now there is one more to this range.The domiNATIONS game.Now you can download and play dominations game on your android and on PC-windows xp,7,8,8.1 and on MAC
[NEW] Download-Install DomiNATIONS android Game For Android,PC[Windows 7,8,8.1,xp,mac.png


  The Dominations game is another release from the designer of games like Civilizaton 2 and rise of nations.
dominations construct wonders
source:play store

The Dominations game combines the war strategy with the civilization which is new interesting feature.The game features evolution from stone age to advanced space age.
dominations construct wonders
source:play store
All we have to do is to play and lead our nation to victory among all the other nations.We can build our own capital,select civilizations and more.

Click here to download DomiNATIONS for Android(Google Play Store).

Features(as in PLAY STORE)
  • Choose your Nation to reap the rewards, special powers, and unique units of the British, Romans, Chinese, Germans, French, Japanese, or Greeks.
  • Advance through all of human history and become the first player to unlock the secrets of technologies like Cavalry, Gunpowder, and Flight!
  • Recruit the most storied Generals from antiquity, including Alexander, Cleopatra, and Napoleon!
  • Increase your renown by constructing Wonders of the World, from the Pyramids to the Statue of Liberty!
  • Join an Alliance and co-operate to defeat enemies from around the globe!
  • Conquer the World in single-player campaigns from the Fertile Crescent to the Peloponnesian War!
 The game is expected beat clash of clans if it succeeds.But clash of clans have more players and a lot of clash of clans lovers.

How To Download DomiNATIONS Android Game For PC/Windows  xp,7,8,8.1

1.Firstly,you have to install bluestacks on your pc.If you already have it,ignore this step.Check Here to download and install bluestacks
 If you want to play this game without bluestacks,Check here:Play Android Games without Bluestacks

2.Now go to play store in bluestacks and search for DomiNATIONS.

3.Now click on Install and the game will be downloaded and installed.

4.You can also install the game by downloading this Game File 
and opening it in bluestacks.This game requires game cache.You can download this GAME CACHE and place it in storage(internal or sd card where you have installed the game) storage/android/obb/(DomiNATIONS folder).

5.Now DomiNATIONS is downloaded and installed on your pc. 

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