With the release of the Jurassic world,many dinosaur based games are released.One among these cool mobile game is the Jurassic village.

Download-Install Jurassic village Android Game for PC[windows 7,8]

The Jurassic village is a fun simulation game where you act as a head of prehistoric village and to improve it.You can download Jurassic village game for pc-windows xp,7,8,8.1.

Jurassic Village

  Jurassic village is a simulation game in which you are the head of a prehistoric village.All you have to do is to explore and improve village.
jurassic village

You can go hunting,mining,farming and various activities to expand your village.You can also command your villagers to collect stone,wood etc.We can also do farming by growing crops and breed dinosaurs and other animals.

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How To Download Jurassic Village Android Game For PC/Windows  xp,7,8,8.1

1.Firstly,you have to install bluestacks on your pc.If you already have it,ignore this step.Check Here to download and install bluestacks
 If you want to play this game without bluestacks,Check here:Play Android Games without Bluestacks

2.Now go to play store in bluestacks and search for Jurassic Village.

3.Now click on Install and the game will be downloaded and installed.

4.You can also install the game by downloading this Game File 
and opening it in bluestacks.

5.Now Jurassic Village is downloaded and installed on your pc.

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Open the Jurassic village and now you can play it on your pc with bluestacks and you can also play without bluestacks. 

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