This tutorial will show you how to redirect a blogger post to some other post or pages inside a blog easily.......


1.Create a Post-either with your permalink or default permalink

2.Note the url of the blogger post

3.Go to SETTINGS=>Search Preferences=>Custom Redirects

4.Click on edit

5.In the "from" enter the url of the post which you want to be redirected

6.In the "to" enter the url to which you want the post to be redirected

7.You can redirect only within the blog

8.Enter the url in the form of /abc/ccc.html (eg:search/labels/os)
 Neglect the domain of your blog while entering the Url

9.Click Permanent for permanent Redirection but you can change it later

10.Now the post will be redirected successfully

You can use it to redirect posts or labels so they look like actual website with hosting


the above url can be accessed from

the second URL looks like hosted web url 

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