Many website has too much good content but fails because of slow loading and no proper management of Loading speed.....

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Here are few tips to make your website load faster:

1.Compress the image
          Dont add too much image on the main page or the selected pages.If you want to add many images,compress the image to lower size.
Make sure that all the image in the size does nor exist more than 1mb for super speed

2.Dont Add too much links
                 Adding many link will also result in slow speed.This will affect your speed by the redirection.

3.Dont add too much ADS
                 Ads including Banners,Links,scripts etc. which will make your website speed drained.
Because these scripts and links are not hosted by your website and it needs the host website to send you the source which will decrease the speed

4.Use CDN service
            There are many CDN services which will optimize your site for high speed loading by their sevice.....The top in this service is MAXCDN......You can visit this by the image link on the side

                  To make your site or blod speeder use many tactics like templates,tags,image optimization etc.

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