Getting traffic to a blog is not as easy as creating a blog.For this you have to follow various strategy like SEO,Quality etc..etc. for getting some good and decent traffic.For beginners,it will be definitely a difficult one.Be crazy and some crazy ideas to promote your blog
So get some time away from these strategy and follow below:

crazy and working ways of promoting your blog.

1.Writing your blog address in Public Places

      Writing in public place is a prohibited one and we don't support that attitude.But still,writing in places with good attraction of people will definitely promote your blog.
The good places are where posters are stuck,public usage areas.

2.Writing the address in Car/Bike

     If you have a car/bike, just stick your blog's address in your vehicle.This will bring in lot of visitors since the address of your blog will be noticed wherever your vehicle goes.This will be good if you roam frequently.
If you don't have car,just write the address in the dust of car's wind shield or rear glass.

3.Making Your Blog homepage in school/college labs

    Every school/college has computer labs where you can access the computer.Most of the labs will have internet facility and in many labs students are restricted from using it and in some labs students are permitted.Just go to the browser and keep your blog as homepage.
When the next batch comes to the lab,The person will surely go to internet and they will be seeing your blog.If they like you blog,He will definitely go home and access it,hence a loyal visitor.DO this in all computers in lab and lot of visitors.
I done this in my college to get some loads of visitors.

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4.Writing your blog in School/College DESKS

   Most of the school/college have benches where you can write something.During exams,some other class students will be writing exam in your class.Just write your site address in desks in your class and in desk where you write exam.
   IN the next exam,they will be going to another set of students.Thus your visitor rate is multiplied and increased.

5.Anonymous messages

   This is a method which i used long time back.Most of the students will have sms booster.Just send your site address to a random number and they will surely check your site.
   Nowadays whatsapp is used instead of sms.So save a random number in contacts and if the number is available in whatsapp,Just maintain a friendly relationship and send your blog's address to check it.This will get you some visitor.
    Do repeatedly for many mobile numbers.


       If you are a male blogger,just create a fake ID of a girl in facebook.Add some friends and you will start receiving many requests.Accept them all and get some friends more than 1000.
   You will be receiving many messages.Reply them and send your blog address and tell them that it is your friend's blog.They will surely check it.
             After you get some reach,post and share the blog's post and you will get huge traffic.


   Think funny and crazy with more imagination and get good ideas to promote blog.Don't always go more technically and strategically to promote your blog.Just go crazy and get traffic.

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