Custom Domain

     Custom domains are the domains with your desires site name like . Whereas in Blogger the default is subdomain which is free and supplied as blogspot domains.
How to setup custom domain in blogger
In this tut learn how to setup your custom domain



First you have to buy domain from domain registrars like godaddy etc.


1.Login to your blogger account
2.Goto settings>Basic
3.In publishing section click Add custom domain
4.In the Advanced setting, enter your registered domain address
5.Click save and it shows an error like this"we have not been able to verify your authority to this domain"
6.Now click setting instructions and you will be redirected
7.On the redirected page select top level domain
8.You will be given a piece of instructions with two CNAME RECORDS.
9.Now go to your domain registrar site and login
10.Goto DNS settings
11.Create TWO CNAME records
12.Copy the codes that was given in the instruction by google
13.Create 4 A records
14.Copy these A record in the field created by above method
15.Save all the settings
16.Now get back to blogger>setting>basic
17.In the publishing,enter your domain name with www
18.Click redirect
19.Click save and it will be saved.If it shows any error check whether you have done the procedure correctly
20.ALL DONE>..!!! 

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