Blogging is purely based on SEO.It determines your success and failure.The main goal is to be on the top of search engine rank page for the searched query.We have to do many optimizations(on-page and off-page) to get good results.Backlinks are the backbone of SEO.Backlinks increases our ranking and Google likes natural backlinks.Building Backlinks in 2015 will be a little different as Google have changed a lot.

safe link building 2015

Many bloggers follow many strategies to build their backlinks.
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The best strategy stands out to be Google Safe and gets us good rankings for competitive keywords.

We can also get a good amount of backlinks and traffic using images.These days,many bloggers create infographics just to get backlinks.Infographics will be reposted on various blogs and a credit backlinks will be given.This is a Natural Backlinks and has greater benefits. 


 Well this is a great way of Getting natural backlinks.Infographics are nothing but a graphical representative images that describes a topic briefly with its required details.
 Each and every blog post will be accompanied by images.Images like infographics and other representative images are of great importance in building backlinks

Infographics are shared in various blogs and as a credit,a link will be given.This is a good natural link.
Check: my recently created infographic

When you create an infographic,publish it in your blog and make a embedding code like i have made here with your credit link.

This makes easier for the sharer to give you the link and to share your infographic.

 Make sure you get your infographics noticed by others by social sharing and by bringing traffic to the infographic post.

Another method to get backlink with the infographics is submitting these infographics to Sites like VISUALLY.
You can submit your infographic to visually and in the properties of the infographics,give the details as Designer,publisher etc.
  Check my Infographics at visually
You can get backlinks by entering the post url in source or in publisher or designer.

2.Great Content

 When coming to content,all you can do is to write a good,great quality article.Now,How its gonna get you a backlink?
 When a fellow blogger reads it and in his article,he may give you a backlink referring to your blog.
 Natural linking at its best in this way.But this requires great quality content and bloggers must have noticed your post.
 There is very less reward in writing a great article without no one noticing it.

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3.Blog Commenting

 Event there are many changes in Google algorithm,this method of gaining backlinks is still alive and can get you a genuine backlink.
Many blogs have now turned out into Nofollow commenting system and some still remains the same.
 Commenting system mostly COMMENTLUV enabled blogs still fetches you backlinks.
High PR blog commenting in a genuine way is also great method.Many bloggers are into spamming and this many lead to problems.
Now all you have to do is to find these Do follow blogs for commenting.Check This Tool to Get blogs for commeting.


 Testimonials is also a good way of getting backlinks but it requires you to buy or try a service,software etc.
 When you buy a service or any product,mostly you will be asked to write a review.Write a good review with all your details including your site address.
 If your review is genuine and if the product owner feels helpful,he will surely display your review in his testimonials page with a link to your home page.

5.Free Services

 This is helping out newbie bloggers and is followed my most of the bloggers no only to get backlinks.
 All we have to do is to help the newbie bloggers by doing small services like SEO,site optimization etc. for free.Instead ask the blogger to give a link to your blog.
This is a small helping service by which a newbie blogger will get great benefits and you getting a backlink.

6.Guest Posting

 This method is a a useful way if it is used differently.After Google's announcement that Guest posting is dead,many bloggers stopped it.You can still gain benefits by Guest posting by giving backlinks to the Guest poster within the article and not at the Author information.

7.Profile Sites

 Having your site in Profiles is always a good method of getting backlinks.Many forums have profiles which will have your blog's address in your profile section.Many of them will be nofollow like the one in Google+.Some sites like INDIBLOGGER will give backlink to your blog in your profile section which is a good one. 

8.Domain Redirecting

 This method of link building is more safe.All you have to do is to get a expired domain which has good number of high quality backlinks and PR.Now using the 301 redirection in your domain registrar options,redirect it to your blog and yeah! you will get increased rankings.

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Things To Avoid For Backlinks 

  Building backlinks in a wrong way leads to penalty.Many methods like this will give you an instant result and but your blog will surely get a HIT.

1.Link Exchange

Avoid this methods in a mutual manner.Exchanging links between two blogs will definitely harm your site.If you are running more than a blog,Don't give sitewide links or footer links between these two blogs.Just give link to only one blog.
Many blog submission directories ask you to give a reciprocal link to their site in order to get your site listed in their directory.It is highly recommended not to do this.This is purely Link exchange and gets penalty to your blog easily.

2.Backlink Tools

 Automatic Backlink building tools like Scrapebox,GSA etc. will build huge backlinks for your blog and also helps to get Penalty.These tools may be used for Event Blogs but don't use it for long term blogs.


There are many other ways you should be aware of for building links and to avoid building.The more profitable are the ones that are manually made and not made automatically.So do not blindly follow the methods.Check them whether the backlinks making page in indexed by Google and does is have good authority.

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