Most of the bloggers start their own blog for the main reason of earning money as it is a good source.But unfortunately most of them don't earn.
Here are the some common mistakes that 90% bloggers do when they start their own blog.
Its not that you can't rectify them.They are the beginning mistakes.


1.Copy Posting

           This is the First and foremost mistake that every blogger does including me.I just copy pasted the good contents in blogs and I don't know anything about unique contents.Many bloggers do this.You will get good traffic and loyal visitors only if you post good,quality content.I realized this later and I started to post my own content.....
If you continue to do copy posting,You will not get approval in most of ad networks as you are posting copyrighted contents.This is also applicable for images.

2.Immediately applying for money

              Some bloggers after creating their blog with some post,they just apply for ad networks for money.They will surely get disapproved because there is certain criteria like you have to have more than some 20-30 posts.Many apply for adsense immediately after few post even it is a copy post.They get disapproved and the bloggers get disappointed.There are some conditions you must follow before applying for adsense or any other ad networks.

3.Fake methods of getting TRAFFIC

                Many bloggers try to get more traffic by using fake methods or paid methods for traffic.Most of the paid traffics are bots that are not visitors but just crawl.Using visit exchange may help you at first but you will not get traffic if you don't visit others blog.
To maintain standard traffic,you must create a readership and relationship with bloggers and visitors.

4.Poor Template and No SEO friendly Desing

              This is also committed by many beginners.They just search for good and attractive blogger template but they don't see for SEO friendly and responsive design.As a result they will have poor and very slow loading speed which eventually loses traffic and visitors.

5.Placing ADS

          when they get approved easily by ad networks like CLICKSOR,some bloggers place the ads in areas they find free.Ads make the loading speed low and poor site navigation.Visitors get frustrated when the contents are overlapped with ads and unlocking ads that may lose all the traffic.


           It's not that I know all about blogging.In my experience,many have done this mistake and I am no excuse to this.SO the final word is get referred by the contents about blogging and connect with bloggers online and get some tips before starting or in the beginning level.

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